Dear Hunters,

They live in the shadows... but it’s time to prove their existence. We grew up reading books on myth and legend, taking notes on each and every beast. We wanted to become adventurers, hunters willing to risk our lives to search for the creatures people didn’t believe in. Or maybe they were just too scared to accept their existence. We can’t be sure. But the time had come. We’d saved every penny we earned, packed our bags, and said our farewells. We knew this might be the last time we saw our family, but our desire to prove the world wrong was just too great.


We searched the globe, spending years in pursuit of these dangerous creatures. In that time, we met some interesting characters and saw some incredible sights. But we're not going to lie, we nearly didn’t survive. This site contains my journal and hand-drawn illustrations. I’ll happily share these with you but take note, there are challenges and secrets within my words. Only the best hunters will find my riches.


L. P. Voltaire


Created on Cardano

Cardano blockchain is environmentally friendly, has minimal transaction fees, and increased scalability over other leading blockchain platforms. It’s the perfect blockchain to immortalize our creatures.

Unique hand-drawn artwork

Our artwork was created specifically for this project. It won’t be found anywhere else, not even in the darkest corners of the world. Each season consists of 13 hand-drawn pieces created with love from a local artist.

5 Colored rarities

You probably have more chance of surviving an encounter with one of these creatures than picking up the rarest cards. To get an idea, you have a 1.3% chance of getting a legendary drop. To get the exact creature you want in legendary is only 0.1%.

Limited run

This is a limited run of 10,010 cards. As soon as these are sold out, no more will be created, ever. If you missed our launch, keep your eyes open for future seasons or pick your favourite character up on the secondary market.


We aspire to make this drop as fair as possible with the hope that as many people as possible will be able to have at least one creature in their wallet. Limited to a max of 5 per order and the cards are minted when purchased.

Collect, share, and trade

Each season we’ll have challenges for the most dedicated collectors. These will not be easy, but the reward is worth the sweat and tears. Be the first to meet the requirement, notify us, and you will receive a one-of-a-kind character concept card.


Limited to 10,010 cards


  • Common
  • 4,940 minted
  • 380 complete sets
  • 49.35% drop rate


  • Uncommon
  • 2,860 minted
  • 220 complete sets
  • 28.57% drop rate


  • Rare
  • 1,560 minted
  • 120 complete sets
  • 15.58% drop rate


  • Epic
  • 520 minted
  • 40 complete sets
  • 5.19% drop rate


  • Legendary
  • 130 minted
  • 10 complete sets
  • 1.30% drop rate


  • Concept
  • 13 minted
  • 1 complete set
  • challenge drop


13 unique hand drawn cards


To thank our fellow hunters, we have 13 one-of-a-kind cards to give away. Win a concept card if you are the first to complete a challenge. Notify us via email to with your wallet address so we can verify and send these unique prizes. Only one challenge claim per wallet address.


Season 1 pre-launch

Jul to Sep 2021

Artwork concept & design

Illustrate 13 unique hand-drawn creatures

Website concept & design

Design a unique website with lore

Setup social media platforms

Twitter & Discord


Promotional giveaways on Twitter & Discord

Season 1 launch

Oct 15th, 2021 at 5:00pm UTC

Collector challenges

Verify winners and give out concept cards

Establish the Hunters Club

Setup a secret society who receive perks and benefits

Merch store

More information to come

Collabs & giveaways

Reach out and collaborate with other NFT creators


The Cardano blockchain is environmentally friendly, has minimal transaction fees, and increased scalability over other leading blockchain platforms. It’s the perfect blockchain to immortalize our creatures.
As a shoutout to the old days when we grew up collecting basketball and Pokémon cards, we've opted to call our collection of NFTs... cards. These are non-fungible tokens stored on the Cardano blockchain, each with its own unique minting number.
Each card is ₳35. To help the purchase process you can buy a pack that contains a quantity of 1, 3 or 5 cards.
There will be 10,010 cards minted under the official season 1 policy ID. An additional 13 unique one-of-a-kind concept art cards will be generated on a second season 1 (promotion) policy ID and they will be handed out free to winners of our challenges and giveaways.
Our 13 individually hand-drawn creatures will come in 6 different rarities. Each rarity is represented in a different color. Visually some cards will look like duplicates, but like prints of real art, they will have their own unique number in the metadata e.g. mint 1 of 10. The rarest cards in this drop are legendary, printed with a gold background. There are only 10 of each creature minted and the chance of getting a specific creature in legendary is 0.10%.
  1. Before the launch, you should install one of the following wallets
  2. Have at least ₳40 (each card is roughly ₳35 + a little for transaction fees) ready so that you are prepared.
  3. Check our website and wait for the timer to hit zero. At this point, hit the buy button.
  4. You will be presented with three card packs to choose from. These will contain either 1, 3, or 5 cards. Pick the one that suits you.
  5. A unique wallet address will be shown with the amount you will need to pay.
  6. Open your Cardano wallet and send the payment with the exact address and amount. Get one wrong and you will either lose your ADA or receive a refund.
  7. In the background, a transaction will have been processed back to you with those cards as NFTs. You should check your wallet or to confirm.
Please use only one of the three following wallets:
Don't send ADA from exchanges like Coinbase and Binance as these NFTs will be unrecoverable and lost forever
What's your Policy ID?
  • Season 1


  • Season 1 (promotion)


About Us



New Zealand stake pool operators

Josh, Phil, and Tim are three rather boring blokes from Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand. Boring is a label given to them by their friends who are constantly falling asleep whenever they talk about crypto, blockchain, or web development. If you are struggling to fall asleep, feel free to contact them.



New Zealand artist

Sarah is a digital artist living in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in painting, and an interest in how technology influences the creation of art. When she’s not creating epic illustrations, she can be found experimenting in her ceramics studio.



New Zealand designer

Honey is a Digital Designer by day, Crypto Creature Tamer by night. She mostly dwells in Christchurch but lurks on a blockchain at times. Her lifelong mission – or until she finishes her cuppa – is to conquer these Cryptids.